When even the thing you love is too much to do

by Rhiannon Llewellyn on October 10, 2013

It is time for you to rest.

I don’t care how many important things are on your plate this week.

It doesn’t matter that you are the only one who can take care of all of this.

When your body is done and your soul is done and your weary, worn-out self just wants to rest, you cannot hope to do it all without hurting yourself.


Let go.

Let go of your idea of what you are supposed to be right now.

Let go of your need to never make mistakes, or to need help, or to be in need at all.

Sometimes your responsibilities loom bigger than your own shadow, and they threaten to swallow you whole. It’s a lie, but it’s hard to see the untruth of it when the fear and your flagging energy feels like failure.

Just let it go.

Take a nap, my love. Sleep it off. Lie back, close your eyes, allow something to go unfinished for now. Ask for help. Ask for a hug. Cry into the shoulder of someone who loves you. Look into your own eyes in a mirror and feel seen.

There is always enough time.

Enough love. Enough that has been done. And there is always time for you to rest.

Let this be your signpost that it’s time for a day off, a nap, a long walk, a snuggle, an extra hour in bed in the morning, an early bedtime tonight.

Love yourself — you are the one who can do it best.

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