{HBR 18} Transformational, Aspirational, Inspirational

by Andy Dolph on December 20, 2012

Holistic Business Radio logoIt’s Episode 18 of Holistic Business Radio, with Andy Dolph and Rhiannon Llewellyn. Thanks for being here!

In this episode, we talk about different kinds of markets, and the significance of what people are *really* looking for in a product.

Summary & takeaways:

We talk about the fact that the aspirational market and the transformational market are more like extremes or points on a continuum, rather than being a thing you are or are not at any given time.

Rhiannon believes that we are sometimes in an aspirational space: when we crave change but we are afraid to change, and don’t feel ready for it; and that we are sometimes in a transformational space, where we have faced the change we want to make, and we are ready to do it even in the face of fear or uncertainty.

Andy brought up that aspirational people are ready for change, but much more of a slow, gentle, in-the-soft change. Transformational people who are ready for changes no matter where they are.

We have another interesting discussion on the equal responsibility by both marketers and consumers: for marketers to offer things with integrity, and with the best they can at the time, and for consumers to buy mindfully and with the best information they can get at the time.

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